Thursday, February 12, 2009

The devastation continues......

Can you imagine this?
This is a photograph that was taken looking north from Doncaster over at the mountain ranges towards Whittlesea and King Lake areas. Just the intensity of the fire in the dusk is enough to send shivers up my spine and bring on the goosebumps.

Stories of triumph and survival are forthcoming which is proving that miracles can happen. People have been found after days of hiding out in what can only be described as hell on earth. Families are being reunited with loved ones and the nation as a whole is coming together and providing so much in the way of donations, both money and material items.

However it's not just us humans that are affected, its all the wildlife not to mention the pets, that don't have the resources that we do.

Many people have opened up their homes as wildlife shelters, which again is a wonderful thing to do in itself.

These "wild" animals are making their way into peoples homes just in search of water and something to cool off in! Amazing really as normally we would only get a chance sighting when driving through the bush or at a zoo/sanctuary.

But its the stories of loss that are consuming us as a nation. As I mentioned a few days ago, there was fears that some of the fire outbreaks were delibrately lit only to have it confirmed this morning that the Churchill and Marysville fires were the work of arsonists! How can someone do this? How can someone unleash such carnage and devastion on innocent people and their families?

I can only imagine that there will never be the correct words spoken to explain these last few days....

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Ingela said...

Hi Jo!

We have heard reports of the fires on the news all week, it´s horriffic and I think about it and you often.

Don´t really know how to express what I feel when I hear about whats happening, I´m glad you´re well and safe...



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