Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Isn't it meant to be spring?

We are experiencing unusually high temperatures here in Melbourne, in fact the whole southern part of Australia is feeling the heat at the moment as I mentioned the other day - in fact there is no change in sight until at least Monday!

Everywhere you go you hear the straining hum of air conditioning units working flat out to cool the occupants of the building, office or home. I know my work air conditioner has been on since 7 am this morning and Noel will be putting ours on in the house as soon as he walks through the door tonight.

Sleeping hasn't been an issue for me. In fact sleeping is never an issue for me ~ I could fall asleep standing up! In fact I think I have! The heat is taking it's toll on the kids with both of them tossing and turning in their sleeps and waking up incredibly tired. Noel is coping but woke in horror yesterday morning to find me completely wrapped up in our goose feather and down quilt!!!

Beaches are full and thankfully no-one has asked to go. I am not a beach lover neither is Noel. The kids like the water but I don't think are too impressed at getting covered in sand after a nice refreshing swim, strangely I think we all prefer chlorinated pools.

Needless to say if this is spring it makes me wonder what our summer this year will be like... I guessing it's going to be a long hot one!

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