Monday, November 30, 2009

A weekend not to be repeated

Well if I couldn't think that anything could get worse after Friday night's rock through the window incident - it did!!

After cleaning up the loungeroom removing glass shards and vacuuming and vacuuming and vacuuming we finally went shopping. I was tired from the sleepless night and working in Saturday morning but was feeling sickly in the stomach. Walking around the supermarket I started dry reaching and to be honest had to get out of the shop as I couldn't face any more shopping. Needless to say only half the shopping got done, the kids went into stunned silence and Noel was left to get things organised including me who was getting worse by the second.

Before going any further I need to say I am the World's WORST patient as I just don't like being sick for one minute. I refuse to let myself relax unless I have no choice! I try and turn into superwoman so that I continue with what's needed to be done so nobody else has to do it. BUT this time my superhero costume just didn't want to fit (I think it's being hanging out with the skinny clothes in my cupboard) and what ever was making me sick hit me like a tonne of bricks very quickly! Within the hour I was in bed, armed with a bucket, towel and curious onlookers (Oliver and Alex) who I don't think have ever seen my head spin around and me turn into the devil! I spent all night like this finally drifted off to sleep in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Sunday was another wasted day, with me walking around like a zombie all weak and weary from an eventful night! My stomach at least was better but was not in the mood for bacon and eggs that's for sure!! In fact a couple of mouthfuls of water was the most it could handle for a few hours. As the day went on I did start to feel much better but was not about to start partying hard.

Noel and I decided to take the kids to the cinema as we all needed to get out of the house (but do something relaxing of course). We went and seen A Christmas Carol. We went to VMax, which is the larger screen at Village Cinema's and it was also in 3D. It was a brilliant movie, although Alex got scared as did several other kids in the cinema. One boy little boy was crying "I don't want to watch this anymore" at the top of his lungs.. thankfully his mother decided to remove the both of them from the cinema. At one point, Alex looked at me and said "this is going to give me nightmares" but then she fell asleep about 2/3rds of the way through the movie but she was still very tired from her school camp, which she enjoyed thoroughly!

Today back to routine, work and school and hopefully next weekend will be a little more upbeat and enjoyable as we are off to Bright for a little holiday before the silly season begins.

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