Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Melbourne Cup Day 2009

Well that time of year has come and gone again ~ the Race that stops the Nation ~ the Melbourne Cup, part of Melbourne's Spring Racing Carnival.

For those living in Melbourne we are blessed with a public holiday to celebrate the day and also many people manage to get the Monday off from work ensuring that they had a long weekend. Noel and I both had the Monday off work and decided on Sunday that the kids could stay home from school also. Naughty of us but honestly we don't spend that much time with them at the best of time!

We had a great day yesterday, even though my emotions were all over the place due to what time of year it is. Although my dad passed away 16 years ago, I miss him so much and with all the family turmoil this year it was just harder than it has ever been. With the way I was feeling or should I say not coping very well we decided that we would just have a family day although we had been invited to several wonderful people's places to celebrate Melbourne Cup Day. I am glad that we made that decision as I wasn't really in a social mood and afterwards considering an intake of 3 bottles of champagne I still wasn't in a social mood!

Before the big race we popped into Anaconda for a look. Anaconda is a huge outdoor shop (camping, hiking, canoeing, etc). We didn't go in there to look at anything particular but we knew that we had some gift vouchers that needed using ($140 worth of vouchers). Browsing around we came accross a gazebo (3 x 3 metre shelter) that was reduced from $359 to $179 and we needed a new one for when we do go camping or to the Balnarring Picnic Races so we bought it. It was such a bargain - a saving of $180 plus using $140 in voucher we only paid $39 for our new gazebo!!! Tell me we weren't happy shoppers yesterday.

As for making a fortune on the nags..... it wasn't to be for me, Noel or Oliver. As usual Alex managed to pick the winner - just like she did last year. And yes we all heard about it! She went to the TAB to pick up her winnings with Noel. A $3 each way bet rewarded her with $40.50 and the beaming smile she had when they returned home was priceless but I could see the cogs turning in her head about what she was going to do with all "her" money until she was disappointed by being told she had to share it with her brother and us! I told Noel that Alex should put on all future horse racing bets for all of us!!!

This is 'Shocking' crossing the finishing line riden by Corey Brown
(photo courtesy of The Herald Sun)

Overall a good weekend was had by the Murray family but unfortunately it's all back to normality today - work, school and routine.

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