Saturday, November 28, 2009

There is a rock in our loungeroom......

Now the best question.... who put it there?

Some dumb shit that decided to throw it through the window around 11.35pm last night!! That's who!!

I am so angry...... I had just got up to get some water so the kitchen light was on. Oliver was in the loungeroom watching tv so the loungeroom light was on as was the TV. As you can imagine it scared the begeezus out of the two of us, especially Oliver who was in the loungeroom thankfully sitting the opposite side of the room from the window.

The police came but there is not much that they can do. Obviously a pack of cowardly wayward offenders were roaming the streets last night as they had just attended another house in the next street with 3 beer bottles through the back window.

Poor Oliver was quite shaken and upset. He found it really hard to sleep last night and ended up in our bed with us... I must admit I was lying awake most of the night listening just incase the idiot came back to see his damage.

Needless to say we will all be very tired today but we must soldier on.... oh and fix the window of course at OUR cost!!

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