Saturday, November 22, 2008

Only 34 days until Christmas

OMG - I cannot believe how close to Christmas it is... let alone how fast this year has gone!! I don't know if anyone agrees but lately the days are turning into weeks quicker than I care for and I don't seem to be getting a great deal done other than the run of the mill stuff.

Noel has been doing overtime all this week including this morning. (The kids have gone to Mam and Dad's for a sleepover last night because we are both working.) I have had a couple of training sessions also. Monday I was at Clarinda giving some training to another company employee and then Tuesday I was in a training session being trained. But to be honest the rest of the week just disappeared.

Speaking of Christmas - I am really looking forward to it this year but I do every year! Christmas would have to be my favourite time. I love celebrating the Festive Season, decorating the house, planning and preparing the food and there is always my wish of having the whole family together (both sides) for such a special day although I don't think it is going to happen this year. It is ACE however my Mam is flying down from Brisbane and Clare (Noel's sister) is flying down from Sydney to be here for the festivities. We are having Christmas lunch at our house again this year but I wouldn't want it any other way!

I am excited today though as my friend, Kerry, is coming down from Sydney to stay with us. We all love Kerry visiting, especially the kids who adore her (we all do). This will be just a nice quiet visit, no big girly-get togethers up the city, just time with our family.

And on the topic of friends, I have made contact with Carolyn Whamond, another school friend that I haven't seen for at least 15 years (not quite sure - could be longer). Just to prove that it is a small world and that Google is a powerful search engine... I googled her name and got a hit. I contacted the secretary of the Theatre company and he was kind enough to provide an address so I wrote her a letter (snail mail of course) and couldn't believe it when she sent me an email reply. She is living in Tasmania so I can only hope that we will meet up again one day soon.

The weather has turned bad here, not as bad as in Southern Queensland. My thoughts go out to all the families affected with the storms that they are experiencing. It rained here all of last night and so far most of this morning. However we really cannot/should not complain as we, Australia, really need the rain but I don't understand why it can't rain during the week? hehehe

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