Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Family Time" version #2!!

I should know by now that I shouldn't plan anything.... even a quiet weekend.

Friday night didn't happen as I had planned BUT that's okay!! Sharon popped in for a drink and a vent as she (and Tom) have had an interesting week with our school. Tom has been bullied (bitten, hit and stabbed with a pencil) to the point where he retalliated and now all of a sudden Tom is the child with issues... go figure? Needless to say after a few chardy's there was no way this little duck was going shopping. So when Sharon left we settled down and watch a movie as a family and had Jaffles (Toasted Sandwiches) for dinner... OMG the last time we had Jaffles for dinner we were sitting in the middle of the bush, camping!! And I must admit it was ACE!!

So today the new plan is...... work until 12pm, do a quick run around the shops to get supplies and then it's home. Cleaning will be on the agenda but I am still going to ensure I get that family time happening over the next two days!!

Plus I still a cwch!!!!!

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