Friday, November 28, 2008

"Family Time"

It's Friday afternoon so technically the weekend starts very soon but as I work Saturday's until 12pm it doesn't officially start for me until then!

BUT this weekend is going to be all about us... the kids, Noel and myself. I don't feel I have spent enough time with any of them lately.

So getting the shopping out of the way tonight so that's one less time waster on Saturday. We all go and do this but it's not really "family time". When we get back home I am going to do a whirlwind clean (well as much as I can) just to be able to have more quality time Saturday and Sunday.

We have already had invites for Saturday. We have been invited to the horse races at Cranbourne plus it's the Frankston Festival of the Lights (the council turn on the lights of the Christmas tear and normally have fireworks) but to be honest would much prefer just to cwch up on the coach and watch movies with my babies. (Sorry Sharon if you read this...)

Sunday - no firm plans either at this stage. Might spend the day getting the christmas decorations organised, work out where we are going to put our Christmas tree (in our smaller house) and just dag around together. Could even be a daggy jarmie day!! LOL!!

Cross fingers none of the above changes....... selfish aren't I?

Jo xx

PS: "CWCH" is welsh for cuddle/hug - it's the best word in the world! My kids are Aussies but they ask for a cwch!

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