Monday, November 17, 2008

It's Monday again ... gee that week flew by!

Wow I cannot believe that it has been a full week... where did it go and what did we do?

Of course we worked as usual, with Noel doing overtime Monday through to Thursday and also a full day on Saturday. It's good that he is getting the overtime so close to Christmas - like everyone we can definately use the money.

Wednesday night we went to the Frankston RSL with Mam, Dad, Paul and Angela for dinner. Nice meal as usual and it was great to see Paul and Angela again. They were leaving Mam and Dad's on Thursday to spend a few nights in the city before flying out Saturday morning for Cairns. I spoke to Paul Saturday morning and they had really enjoyed their time in Melbourne. I am really glad that I met them!

Saturday we had a really nice night - just the four of us! We had dinner while watching the movie Get Smart! It was a funny film but I must say listening to the kids laugh and their little comments and chattering about what just happened is ace. It makes me feel priviledged to be a mam!

Now Sunday was huge.. spent the whole day unpacking boxes, rearranging rooms and putting things in new homes etc. I am really impressed with our efforts. We now have a comfortable dining room, less the boxes and a lot of crap. The bookshelves are full, the family photo's are up, the glasses are all the glass cabinet and best of all the computer is no longer on the dining table! But there is still so much to do!!

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