Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Long Weekend is over..

Well normality returned this morning the minute the alarm sounded. So did our weekday routine of up, making lunches, showering, getting too little tired cherubs up and organised! It really is all a bit clockwork but it’s what we are all used to!

Yesterday was a great day… I still had my little sad cloud surrounding me as my thoughts drifted at times towards my dad but Deb and Julien put on quite a spread (they catered for the 5000 – somebody else I know does that!) and the dynamics of the people invited made for a different afternoon. A few families from the football club, a few of their other friends, us and Sharon, “Lovergirl Extraordinaire!.” It all turned out a really good afternoon even without winning anything on the nags.

Speaking of Sharon, she was walking on air yesterday. Her second date with dream boy was successful on many levels except for food consumption!! “Live on love” is the old saying, right? Yep you guessed it – that lasagne didn’t get a look in but she did admit that I made it! On the up side she now has lunch for this week!!

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