Monday, November 10, 2008

Another get together.....

After such a huge emotional evening Friday night (geez I enjoyed myself!) Sunday brought another reunion. This time it was for Noel and his family. Noel's cousin, Paul and his wife Angela, have come to visit from England. They arrived Sunday morning and we had all planned to go to Mam and Dad's for a bbq lunch/afternoon.

It was wonderful to finally meet Paul, as I have emailed with him and chatted on Facebook! It was funny when we walked in Paul said "and I know this one - I've seen her before!" Mam, Dad and Sean were really surprised... and then Paul said " we've chatted on email and on facebook!!" I thought it was really funny!

Noel enjoyed himself as I watched him chat with all his family and ask Paul lots of question regarding England, the place once called home! I like watching from the sidelines especially when it is such an important event - Noel hadn't seen Paul for 25 years!!

Back row: Christian, Dad, Sean, Mam, Noel

Front row: Oliver, Vicky, Paul, Angela, Me

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