Friday, November 07, 2008

A short week that has gone too fast.

With having the extra long weekend for the Melbourne Cup going back to work on the Wednesday was very hard. I enjoyed the extra few days at home but honestly find it hard to get back into the work routine especially with having only the 3 and a half days to get through.

We have had Tom sleeping over for the last two nights as Sharon has gone interstate for work. Back up to Sydney to see how her shops are coming along... not too good by the sounds of having to stay an extra day!

I went to the Doctors on Wednesday afternoon. BP up a little (140/90) but my doctor is okay with that… another week on the same tablets and another appointment next Wednesday.

Had a surprise phone call from the Healesville Police to say that my purse had been found. Mind you I lost it 4 weeks ago and I believe that it has been in a creek since then as it was all water logged and the contents damaged. I went through all of the contents with the policeman, he sent me a few things that were salvaged, but the purse itself has found a new home - in the bin!

However we have made it to Friday and what a day it's going to be! Noel is working tomorrow (another shock for us - he hasn't done a Saturday since around March!) so the kids are off to Nana and Grandad's for a sleepover. Noel will pick them up on the way home Saturday afternoon.

But I am sitting here with mixed feelings.

Feelings of excitement, nervousness and even a little scared. Why? I have a friend coming over for dinner tonight. A friend that I haven't seen for 20 years!! The last time we saw each other was in Year 12 of Mentone Girls Secondary College.

Dinner is planned, in fact I made the main dish last night. We are having STGTBT Lasagne with a nice fresh salad. I just need to go home, grab a few things from the shop, make the salad, clean the house to make it a little more respectable and hopefully sit down for 5 minutes to chill out - what a night this is going to be?!?!?!

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