Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The weekend is over.....

What a wonderful feeling it was to have two whole days at home considering a normal weekend is only one and a half days with me usually working on Saturday morning.

As I mentioned Sunday was a relaxing family day but Monday was a day of cleaning. The kids eventually doing a great job cleaning out their rooms, sorting through clothes and toys that were no longer wanted and removing rubbish in general.

We have such a few busy weeks coming up with the two birthdays. Next weekend we have to get our "disco" ready for the disco parties and also find some outfits. Both Oliver and Alex are having a disco themed party and they have to dress as their favourite rock or pop star. Oliver is dressing as one of the Killers so he is going to wear his suit... not sure about Alex as yet!! That in itself could be an interesting one!!

Noel is still off work with his back but he is taking Alex to the dentist today. All I can say is good luck...........

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