Monday, March 30, 2009

Oliver's Party!!

Well Saturday night went off without a hitch. Oliver's 11th birthday "Disco Party" was great and I think all the kids enjoyed themselves - I know Oliver did!! It was great to see him having fun with his friends from school. Some played sing star, other's air hockey and they all just had fun...

At one stage the adults were trying to hide inside the house - watching the footy on the tv, Saints vs Swans, I must add "Go Sainters"!! Our hiding place didn't last for very long when one of the kids got wind that the footy was on.... so they were all inside, supporting passionately until we told them to go outside and party on!!

He got the cake that he wanted.. a tiger, which came up okay (pat's oneself on the back - lol!!) and all the other kids thought it was ace too.

Sean, Vicky and Christian came over to and stayed most of the party... FANTASTIC!! It was great to see Vicky again - she was so relaxed and enjoying herself. Of course Christian had a ball with all the kids even the older ones.

We also had a surprise visitor, Carol, Julien's mam. She lives in the USA and has been here staying with her daughter, who has broken/injured her foot. We met Carol and her partner, Don, last year and had a ball with them. They are really nice people, you know the kind of people that you meet but feel like you have known them forever! It was a shame that this visit Don wasn't with her but saying that, it was great to see her again.

The party finished at 9pm but I don't think I saw bed until 3am... our friends kicked on, all the kids ended up sleeping which meant the house became very noisy with laughter, squeels of excitement and general kid behaviour first thing in the morning. To be honest although tired and a little hung over I enjoyed waking up to that!!

Sunday was definately a day of rest - well sort of for you all know what it's like at the House Of Murray - something is always happening!! Oliver had to pack for camp or should I say Mam had to pack Oliver's things for camp, there was cleaning to be done, some shopping, a nana nap for moi in the afternoon, a batch of pumpkin soup was made and Noel, feeling worse for wear, surfaced every now and then for water and food!! (Long story and we won't go there - let's just say Noel enjoyed himself LOTS!! hehehehe)

Needless to say the house will be quiet tonight with our little boy or should I say big boy away on camp ....

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