Friday, March 06, 2009

Noel's back....

Please don't look at these if you get a queezy tummy...... oh and excuse the bum!! Sorry for the added shock factor!!!
My poor man's back after his fall on Monday night. It's amazing that a slip could do so much damage! Thankfully with time he will be okay but he has a visit to the doctor's this morning. I am a little concerned about the small crack in his bone so we will have to keep an eye on that healing.
Tuesday morning.......

But then by Wednesday......

Will have to take another photo tonight as his back is almost completely purple now.

LOL!! I am definately am sure I will be reminded about how bad the back is over the next few days.

A friend of mine asked me if "man back" is as bad as "man flu"??? Hhhhmmmm I wonder.....

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