Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The 2 Murray girls are good....

Thankfully today's visits to the doctors had a positive outcome!!
Alex went back to the hospital today for the 3rd x-ray on her arm and another visit to the bone specialist. Today, we were told that the bone hadn't moved and that there was no need for further surgery!! This means that she will now stay in plaster for another 4 weeks, have the plaster removed, another visit to the bone specialist and she should be deemed as good as normal. I cannot tell you how happy I was!!
So, the two Murray girls headed off and had a girly lunch together at Sophia's in Frankston. We just shared a plate of calamari, salad and chips. We followed lunch with a walk along the pier and a paddle in the water (which I might just add was bloody freezing!!)


Then it was my turn to go to the doctors - I was only getting my blood pressure checked! I wasn't sure what my BP reading was going to be considering everything that has gone on in the last month but it's something that I have to religiously do, so today was the day. Sitting there, nervous and worried as usual, I was completely surprise when the reading was 121/76!! Bloody hell - that's the best it has been for almost 40 weeks!!
Definately celebrations in the house tonight.....

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