Saturday, March 21, 2009

A broken wrist and a belated "Happy Birthday"

Wednesday was a meant to be a very special day and I was going to blog away about all the good things that were meant to happen.

You see Wednesday was a special day at The House of Murray as it was Alex's 8th birthday... I still cannot believe that my little baby is now 8.....

Happy Birthday Sweetheart....

But as it was a school night, her birthday was just going to be a quiet family dinner with Nana and Grandad coming down. They always come and visit the kids on their birthday's which is quite special. Everything was organised. Alex had chosen the menu of Chicken and Spinach Lasagne, Salad and Garlic Bread. We had a small cake organised as she was having her actual party on Saturday night. Dinner was in the oven, I was in the process of making the salad and we were just waiting for Nana and Grandad to arrive. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Then at 6.20pm her birthday took a drastic twist in events. Whilst jumping on the trampoline with Oliver she broke her wrist. She didn't fall off the trampoline she just landed very awkwardly. When Noel and I ran outside we found her sitting on the trampoline holding her arm, which I might add resembled a "S" bend and screaming her lungs out. The whole street must have thought we were torturing the poor little thing. Anyway, the ambulance was called and arrived after what seemed to be forever.

Next stop was Frankston Hospital Emergency Department. Now I do understand that the majority of people in there are also sick but when it comes to your own child you just want them to be looked at first and frustration sets in almost imediately. Noel, Oliver, Nana and Grandad were in the waiting room and once she was settled she wanted her dad. A little later we brought everyone else in as they wanted to see Alex especially Oliver who felt so guilty for being on the trampoline at the same time.

Of course x-rays needed to be taken but they needed to try and straighten her arm and bandage it using a backslab. She needed some pain relief before they attempted this and also by this time she was screaming again. After the xrays were taken it was a waiting game to see when the theatre and the bone specialist would be available. Finally at 1.20am they admitted Alex to the Children's ward and told that she would go to theatre first thing in the morning. Finally a comfortable bed and better surroundings for Alex - emergency is definately NOT a place for children!!

Thursday morning and Alex can still smile.... isn't she ace?? Here she is waiting to go to theatre...

As planned Alex went to theatre first up, and thankfully the best outcome was achieved. She didn't actually require surgery, so no pins or plates inserted, instead just some manipulation and came back to the ward in a full arm cast.

This photo was taken after theatre.... with her very concerned brother and dad.

She does have to go back to the hospital next Tuesday to get another x-ray and see the Bone Surgeon so cross fingers everything will be okay then. She had to stay in again Thursday night just so they could keep an eye on the swelling in her fingers, Noel stayed with her whilst I went home with Oliver.

Gotta love her jarmies!!!!

Mid morning Friday Alex was released from hospital and I am sure that she was glad of it except for the fact that we will not be issuing Jelly and Icecream when she requires it... but best of all the four of us are back together as a family! Last night Alex finally got her birthday cake too!!

It's Oliver's birthday next Thursday and I definately don't want any more surprises......

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