Monday, March 16, 2009

Is summer over already?

Well there was a dramatic change in the weather this weekend with Saturday filled with strong winds, rain, hail and thunder that just seemed to come out of nowhere and stayed all weekend.

Had a great afternoon on Saturday though. It was definately a shopping afternoon of a difference with a stop in at USA Foods Australia, in Moorabbin, which I might add the kids LOVED!! Their eyes lit up at all the different sweets that were there and it was just such so hard when it came to deciding on what ones they wanted to try!! I of course had to have a Hershey's Peanut Butter Cup and yes they still taste the same. Oliver tried Dr Pepper for the first time and Alex fell in love with Ding Dongs! There were so many things available (quite pricey though) and I have now got an idea on some of the ingredients I have been reading about on other people's foodie blogs which are not readily available in Australia.

Then it was off to Springvale to do the grocery shopping. We bought a lot of frozen foods for the kids parties and also most of our weekly shopping... the hardest thing with shopping in Springvale, believe it or not, is getting a shopping trolley!! I love shopping over there, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, which are a little cheaper than the supermarkets, plus so much more of a variety. I also find the meat and seafood to be cheaper too. The atmosphere is fantastic too and I often hear the kids quietly repeating what the asians are saying, trying to mimic them and giggling to themselves. It makes both Noel and I laugh!!

Sunday was another quiet day for us as a family - we are enjoying them recently but I wouldn't wish Noel's injury on anyone.... although he is very much all mended now. Sean popped in with Christian in the morning. It was good to see them again. Some more shopping and some cleaning and as per usual the weekend was over once again.

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