Friday, March 06, 2009

Things are looking brighter.....

I can tell you these last three weeks my emotions have been yo-yoing up and down as much as my scales are!! LOL - actually not that funny but very true!!

BUT today is a much better day....I have decided that with the exception of my friends and the happy family members I need to make me and my family the number one priority. By sayin me and my family I mean the four of us - Noel, Oliver, Alex and I.

In making this decision I actually woke up this morning feeling much better and also feeling a little good about myself. I crossed fingers that this was the beginning of good times.

Then something wonderful happened as I was driving to work... I entered a competition on the radio. The competition was to tell Vega the most weirdess combination of shop that you have ever been in... so I rang, got through the first go explaining that my shop (close to home) is an Indian Spice Shop that also does home loans and personal finance! At this point in time I lost mobile reception and thought I had blown it. Two minutes later Vega ring me back, ask if the reception area I am in now is any better and proceeded to tell me that this has to go on air. So there was myself and about 5 or 6 other callers with their weird and wonderful shops but Dicko and Dave chose me!!

Low and behold I have won 2 gold class tickets to a movie pre-screening next Wednesday night "Confessions of a Shopaholic" at Crown Plaza in Melbourne and check this, I also won $500 cash! OMG!! I was that excited and nervous this morning I nearly wet my pants (sorry for the graphic image) and I still cannot believe that not only did I win something but I was on the radio!!

Better go off and buy a tatts ticket I think!!

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