Friday, March 13, 2009

Moving on....

The past few days I have spent doing some serious thinking mostly on a personal level. There has been quite a few discussions, a few phone calls and many moments of solitude.

As several of you know and many have read, there has been some major dilemma's in my family not only recently but over the last few years. Many of these dilemma's have been long winded and some still unresolved.

The problem I have is that I just want to fix everything, make everything right and ultimate have peace and happiness surrounding me.

Alas with this latest installment in my life, the separation of my sister and her husband, I have come to realise that my magic wand does not work nor does it actually exist!

I cannot no longer worry about my sister until she reaches out to me for help or support or friendship. The fact that I am offering and wanting to help is not being recipricated by her and is actually emotionally effecting me. I see no future with this relationship as it stands at the moment, as upsetting as it sounds I have to let go.

But thankfully without the use of magic, I have a wonderful relationship with my in-laws Ann and Ged. They are of such a help emotionally and fantastic support to both Noel and I. I know that I can talk to them, discuss with them so many aspects of my life and I thank them for being so kind as just to listen. Not to mention that they have a very special and close bond with Oliver and Alexandria.

I am also grateful for the relationship that I have with Clare, who is like a Clayton's sister in law. I say this because she is more like a real sister than one that is related only by title. I love her to bits, chat as often as we can and party like there is no tomorrow when we are together.

Through all the ups and downs that Sean has had in his life with Vicky, we are finally building a relationship with them and their son, Christian. It is a wonderful feeling and I am looking forward to what the future holds not only for them as a family but for all of the family as a whole.
And as you all know my mother is my best friend..... we have a wonderful relationship which at time is more than mother and daughter.

So without the aid of magic, I must move onwards with my life, with my husband, with my children and with my family. For they, along with my mother, are my world.


Trish said...

I wonder why they do not give magic wands out? I have been asking for one for a couple of years

Good on you for trying to leave it behind as I have done with my sister.

Remember the supportive network around you when it all gets too much - your sister will eventually reach out

Take care


Jo said...

Thanks Trish,

I really appreciate your comments.

How are you going? I hope well.

Has your blog gone private now? If so can you unlock the gate for me..

my email is

Take care and thanks again.

Trish said...

Hi Jo

Invite has been sent



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