Friday, January 16, 2009

Time to get myself more organised!

Now that we have all settled into the New Year well and truly it's time to get me and my household more organised especially on the home maintenance front. Currently with working full time I tend to spend my time off Saturday afternoons and Sundays CLEANING! Honestly there is no-one in the house for a minimum of 8 hours each weekday and yet it looks like a cyclone has gone through the place!!

Considering the fact that a cyclone cannot be present only inside one person house in the street there must be another explanation... I know! The house is infested with "messy fairies". Geez that's about as believable as the cyclone. LOL!!

Seriously, please don't misjudge completely. We don't live in a pigsty or what could resemble a landfill site infact we do keep the place quite respectable. On the surface everything looks normal BUT with my eyes and knowing what goes on behind closed doors I honestly believe that we as a family just need to get into more of a routine and be more responsible to the mess surrounding us and yes that means ALL of us, me, hubby and you two kids as well!!

As I said we aren't slobs or lazy just time deficient considering we are out the door by 7 in the morning and often not home before 5pm. Then its cooking and eating dinner, ensuring homework is done, readers are read, children are bathed, put to bed, then theres the dishes, a load of washing here and there before collapsing into bed ourselves. There has to be an easier way!! And that's without considering hiring a cleaner! Get that idea right out of your head Joanne.

I must say I didn't just come up with this brain wave all by myself. Infact I will be totally honest and say that I have been reading another blog which is dedicated to just this topic. The hyper homemaker is just as the name suggests and very detailed. It intrigued me when I started reading it and must say has actually started to make me think differently about the way I do things (which while we are being honest it is normally the easiest and the quickest way that's for sure).

I want my weekends to be about family, not disinfectant, mops and vacuuming. I want to know that my kids had a great weekend instead of watching tv or planning their DS' because I am busy doing chores.

That's it - it's time for a change! AND NOW!!

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Anonymous said...

there's really no better way to start the new year than cleaning up and throwing away the trash. i like reading your posts it's insightful with the element of fun.


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