Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Dash of Flavour.... what the heck is that?

Okay confession time!! (Don't panic some of you already know where this is going!)

So here it is.... I have another blog to my name - A Dash of Flavour. I was a little worried about everyone knowing at first as I hadn't completely finished setting it up although I had started posting to it and considered it "still under construction" BUT then again I suppose a blog is always a work in progress, right?

Don't get me wrong it was always my intention to eventually share my new blog address and I actually have had it listed for awhile now with all of the other House of Murray blogs for those who were intrigued but I had never officially told anyone or published the link outside of the blogging community. I have once or twice on my other blogs which may have been overlooked!

Thankfully someone curious enough to investigate my other blogs gave me some great feedback. The feedback was within another forum's walls, which gave me enough confidence in my little project to prompt me that it was time to share it properly and with everyone.

Besides my obvious love of blogging my other passion is cooking. In fact the whole family love cooking. So that's what A Dash of Flavour is all about - our adventures in the kitchen, food, cooking, helpful hints, etc. I have decided that there will be nothing else besides culinary posts - no weight loss stories, or family happenings unless it relates to the meal - let's face it I have blogs for those already. Honestly I hope you enjoy it, I must say I have been excited about this blog since I decided to make it (I have always wanted to write a cookbook so I guess this is a start). Please feel free to give me any feedback, comments and/or advice if you wish to... I would appreciate that.

Who know's you may even try one or two of the recipes....

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