Thursday, January 08, 2009

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Cannot believe that it's my birthday already, meaning that 8 days have already flown passed this year!! Being at work on your birthday sucks especially when it's dead quiet but it's paying those damn bills, right?

So far we haven't done a great deal as far as school holidays etc go but both Noel and I came back to work on Monday.

My Mam is babysitting the kids for us this week and so far they all seem to be having a ball. Tuesday they all went to the beach and saw the sand sculptures and "The Blessing of the Waters" by the Greek Community. Didn't know that was on but it added an extra element to the day for mam and the kids. They all got sunburnt!! BIG TIME!! I think they will be spending today at home, just like yesterday in recovery mode!!

Sunday we did go to the races and that was great fun. It was all the family as usual which was great and good to see to see Sean and Vicky again. Christian, being older this year, was fascinated by the horses and it was good to see face his face when the horses were near our area. (Being a member we got to set up our area right next to the race track, so brilliant view of all the races.)

Here is Mam and Sharon relaxing and from the look of it studying the form guide. Some of the races are hard to pick especially when there can be four horse and the TAB is only paying 1st and 2nd! We have even witness a two horse race... can you believe that? Only at Balnarring!! (It was a beautiful day, not too hot and thankfully not raining - somewhat hard to believe for Melbourne!!)

Relaxing inbetween races is some more of the family. Sean (white t-shirt), Mam and Dad, Christian, Oliver and Tom are keeping in the shade and having something to eat. One good thing about the races is we are never short of food or maybe that's a bad thing, everyone brings something to share so we don't have to buy food from the overpriced food vendors down there. This year we took our weber and had some lovely roast lamb with salad and bread rolls, not to mention dips and nibbles, and satay skewers. As I said lots of food!!

Of course there are no photo's of me (I think Mam might have taken one but we will leave that on her camera ... I like to hide behind the camera but who know's maybe one day I will come out from behind it!! LOL!!

But I do have this wonderful photo of my cheekyboy.... Oli!!

Off out for dinner tonight to the RSL with Noel, the kids and our parents. I didn't want a second "birthday" event but I had no say in it really!! It should be a good night and hopefully we will all get a good meal like we normally do, mind you saying that I have to make a good choice food wise! Especially now I am back on my diet - I must be good!

At this point in time nothing major has been planned for the rest of the week or the weekend. But then again, knowing us, things will change - as they always do...

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