Monday, January 19, 2009

Saying goodbyes....

I hate the fact that Mam lives in Queensland only because I hate saying goodbye. There is never a brave or strong way to say it.... even trying as hard as I can there is still always a tear or two or at least 5 minutes blubbering in the car.

This morning was no different!! After stalling to leave for work as long as I could I had to leave. By this time I had said to myself so many times to keep happy, but that last cuddle and expressing my thanks once again reduced me to tears, Mam to tears and even Alex who had got up to wave me goodbye.

Mam is returning to Claire's today and she will be there now until she leaves on Wednesday. Unfortunately due to the situation with Claire it means that I won't see Mam again before she leaves (incidently I spoke to Claire yesterday and told her I want this fued thingy to stop - she said she would call me soon!)

So the house will once again be quiet tonight.... the kids are back with Mam and Dad for another week of school holidays and they will return on Friday night at this stage. Bring back school I say (the kids wouldn't agree) and bring back our normality!!

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