Monday, January 12, 2009

Mongolian Hot Pot and 10 pin bowling.... a busy but good weekend!

Okay so I find myself once more sitting here in disbelief that is Monday AGAIN and that another weekend is over. Overall it was a good weekend, not overly flat out but enough to say that I am feeling tired this morning.

Friday night the kids tried out the pie maker and after eating 2 pies each I believe they have deemed it a success and a very welcome appliance in our house! Noel, Mam and myself had a chinese dish, we have named "nice chicken" which has a sauce of hoisin and cayenne pepper. A unique taste and the hotter the better according to most who try it.

Saturday Mam came to work with me, I was thankful of that as it was dead and good to have someone to talk to - saying that we managed to watch 2 movies also! Next stop was the Dandenong Market where we met Noel and the kids. Nothing to adventurous there except a lot of people, some with not much deoderant on especially with it being warm...yuk! We bought some fish, prawns and beef for the Mongolian Hot Pot dinner we had planned.

Dinner was ACE! As usual we all enjoyed the Mongolian Hot Pot (or Steamboat as it's often called also). Mam was in her element as she hasn't had one quite some time. We don't have the Hot Pot that often as it does take quite some preparation and there is always enough food to feed an army. Needless to say we had it for dinner last night also (and there is still more left over!!)

I will post some photo's tonight when I get home.

Sunday morning Mam and I popped down to Lars and Pips house. It was beautiful and huge. It's the first time either of us had been there. It was good to see them again even though it was only a short visit. However I do feel guilty for not making more of an effort each year to keep in contact with them. I only make the effort when Mam is in Melbourne and seriously that isn't good enough. We emigrated on the same ship as them in 1973 so they have known me all my life. They are from Finland whereas we are from Wales but they are like family, in fact they have been better to us than our real family has over the years!

In the afternoon we went 10 pin bowling at Cranbourne. We played two games, which was fun and great to be actually doing something with the kids. Grandma enjoyed it too and really got into it. I have decided that we don't do enough "fun" things with the kids. Don't get me wrong, we do a lot of things together but I don't thing we do enough kid fun things, if you can understand that? Must get back to focussing on them while they are still young enough to have fun with their Mam and Dad!

Back at work today for another week. The kids are off to Halls Gap with Nana and Grandad, we will get them back on Friday night and Mam is off to Claire's for the week and I will pick her up on Friday.

Needless to say the house will be very quiet tonight, that's for sure!!

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