Saturday, January 03, 2009

A few days into 2009 and all is well.

After surviving what turned into a huge New Years Party at our house, finishing at 3am I might add, all has quietened down and we are regaining what some would imagine to be normality. HA!!

The house is starting to resemble a home not a party zone with the Christmas Decoration due to come down on the 6th of January (as I said before that's our Christmas tradition) so only a few more days before they are all locked away for another 11 and a half months. I find taking the decorations down quite sad as I just love the thought of Christmas but I make myself feel better by telling me that I have another 11 months to plan the next Christmas for the family to share.

Sean and Vicky came to pick up Clare (she has stayed since New Years Eve and that has been ace). It was sad to see her leave knowing that she was flying back to Sydney today and we wouldn't see her again for awhile. Clare is a fantastic person to be around. Bubbly, funny and so spontaneous. A good drinking buddy also.... OMG did we all drink these last few days! But more importantly she's a unreal sister... we have both dropped the "sister-in-law" tag and just refer to each other as sisters.... and yes if you haven't guessed she makes me feel like a special person.

Mam is still here - now newly nicknamed "Ever-ready" as she is just always on the go and forever pottering. I think we will have to nail or tie her down just to get her to relax but it is still wonderful to have her here (even if we have had several words due to my selfishness). I am going to miss her terribly when she eventually goes back on the 21st January. She will be with us most of the time until then as she has put her hand up to babysit Oliver and Alex while Noel and I go back to work on the 5th.

Today we are all getting ready for the Balnarring Picnic Races tomorrow. Another huge day but it will be enjoyed as it is every year. Most of the family are going and this year we are taking the weber and cooking a leg of lamb to have with salads etc. There is always a beavy of food, normally too much, but it is such a wonderful day and the kids have a ball. Christian will be old enough to understand the horses this year as he was only a baby last year and now that he is walking I am sure tomorrow will be an interesting day for us all keeping an eye on him. We get to the Races early so we can get a really good possy and set up our shelters etc. It is a great day but a huge effort getting everything organised. What do they say - no pain no gain?

Oliver and Alex are having their first sleep over for the year tonight. They are off to Tom and Sharon's. As Sharon is also coming to the Races she will bring the kids down with her. Hopefully they will be good for Sharon and not turn into prize dickheads.... Noel will be reading them the riot act before we take them up there. They get so excited going somewhere else as normally, with us being the entertainers, we have everyone come to our house and that includes the kids friends. Must make an effort to change that this year.....

Oh well better fly as there really is a lot to do.

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