Thursday, January 15, 2009

Quietness in the house can sometimes be sooo wrong!

I am missing my kids.. I am missing the noise, the laughter, the squabbling, the questions especially from Alex, the mess, the yelling but most of all I am just missing not having them near me. The house has been too quiet this week without having them at home. They will be with their grandparents until Friday afternoon when Noel will pick them up on the way home from work.

Not hearing from them at all this week lets me know that they are having fun especially being taken to Halls Gap for a few days. And I am guessing that they have been well behaved as we haven't heard from Mam and Dad either!!

They idolise their grandparents and I am really glad that they have a strong bond with them. Mam and dad also cherish them, as do Sean, Vicky and Clare. In fact they have a closeness with all members of Noel's family which I am really proud of because they don't have a lot of it from my side of the family, none of us do!

Don't get me wrong, they adore Grandma as well when she visits and this year I need to help them to cement that bond a little stonger. I don't know what steps I will take at the moment but I do want to ensure that their relationship blooms more each each. But while we are speaking of relationships -a relationship that is destined to be distant is that with their aunty Claire and her boys, their cousins. As upsetting as it is, she and her family are the ones that miss out.

When questioned why by the children, I used to say she is busy or maybe next week but I have stopped hiding things from my kids and stopped making excuses, I have explained that I have tried to make the situation better and they know that it's NOT their fault either. Even my Mam cannot understand what the problem is or where it all went wrong. I think the main thing my children need to know is that they are loved by me, Noel, their grandparents, and the other important people who are currently in their lives.

I actually realised a while ago that I have wasted way too much time on wishing my sister would actually be my sister. And with all that's happening around me it's just another thing that I really don't have time to worry about anymore.

Let's face it - the world is still going to spin around, I am still going to get old and die but it's what I do with my time left that is important!!

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