Friday, January 09, 2009

Frankly I rather that I hadn't.....

As much as I shouldn't say this but frankly I rather that I hadn't recieved her phonecall yesterday. My sister rang me to wish me happy birthday around 6pm last night. Honestly it was like pulling teeth talking to her and from the minute she said hello I knew that she had rang out of doing the right thing and not particularly because she really wanted to give me her birthday wishes. Her voice had no expression, no enthusiasm, nothing!! Even claiming that she didn't know where I was working yesterday or what I was doing so that's why she waited until 6pm.... HELLO I do own a mobile!!

Other than that my birthday was good (even including working which was quiet and boring). The kids made me some beautiful cards - its the best feeling being told "you are the best Mam in the world". Even though I strictly told Noel that a nice card is all I wanted, he and the kids spoiled me. In he walked with a pretty bunch of flowers, then the kids gave me two bottles of chardonnay (don't know how they bought them lol!!), a Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker and a powerball ticket with some scratchies also. Nothing on the scratchies and I am guessing as Noel hasn't rung me yet there will be nothing on the powerball ticket either... oh well I suppose we will just have to keep living on love!!

Then it was out for dinner at the RSL... and I was determined to order wisely and not give into my tummy! And it work. I chose the Veal Rib Eye with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables of the menu but ordered the Veal Rib Eye with normal potatoes and steamed vegetables.... GO GIRL!! And it was yummy even though I did not eat all the potatoes anyway. Everyone else enjoyed their meals also. Noel tried the veal and to his surprise actually enjoyed it and will possibly let me buy/cook some now. Apparently I cooked a dish with veal once before that he didn't enjoy and that's why he has never liked veal..... hhhhmmm he tells me now?

More pressies for which I must say I was truly spoiled by Mam and Dad. Blown away infact! Now to be totally honest Noel had told me that he mentioned to Mam that I wanted a new Pyrex Jug (yes a really personal pressie I know but that's what I wanted!!) so that's what I expected. To my disbelief not only did I they give me 1 Pyrex jug BUT I got 4!! ACE all different sizes from a small 1 cup jug to a huge 8 cup jug!! OMG I was in Pyrex jug heaven!!

Oh well it's back to normal today and all the celebrations are over as afterall today I am 38 years and 1 day old!

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