Saturday, January 10, 2009

There IS more to life!

Selfishly I have been focusing on what I now consider to be petty problems.

Unlike a work colleague of mine. His wife, a wonderful lady, has been diagnosed with primary breast cancer and also secondary cancers in various parts of her body. Yesterday I was informed the diagnosis is 6 - 12 months and that's with treatment.

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My heart and thoughts go out to Fred, Wendy and their family.

Needless to say I have spent the last 24 hours really reassessing the way I look at life. The way I focus too much on negative aspects and too much on things I have no control over.

Okay so my sister doesn't want to have anything to do with me, that's her problem - right? Why should it stop me getting on with my life? Why should I spend hours wondering why when she probably doesn't even give it a second thought?

Okay so I am fat! Actually I am overweight. Maybe I need to focus on changing my lifestyle, my food patterns and my outlook rather than dwelling in self pity.

Enough is enough!!

I have to get back to my little part of this world. My special position in my family, The Murray family. I need to enjoy every minute I can with Oliver, Alex, Noel and my Mam, my wonderful Mam and Dad (in-laws), brother in-law Sean, his family and my sister Clare (we dropped the in-law tag a long time ago).

Life is definitely too short and unfortunately if can be over in an instance - you only have to watch the news for proof of that!!

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Trish said...


Yes totally agree it is her problem not yours. Life is far too short



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