Monday, October 05, 2009

Back to school..... holidays are over!

Well I cannot only complain about the weekend passing by fast again but these two weeks of school holidays did also. I guess it was harder with the fact that Noel and I worked through them and the kids spent most of their time with Nana and Grandad.

We had a wonderful weekend, it was really good to spend some quality time together.

Saturday night we babysat Christian for the first time overnight. Confession firstly, we spent most of Saturday afternoon childproofing the house for a two year old. Ornaments up a little higher, etc. Now that both of our children are older you don't think about the little things until you start looking at where they.... Christian wasn't bothered at all by the fact that his mam and dad were leaving him with us, however I think mam and dad felt differently. We all waved them off and then before we knew it Christian had run back into the house without a second thought about his parents wanted to wave to him as they drove past the house again (after doing a u-turn of course). Sean and Vicky were off to a birthday party, to which no children were invited. I am not a fan of these occasions, its a rarity when ares are not with us as well.
After a huge cooked breakfast (healthy of course) we all went to Myuna Farm in Doveton. Noel and I hadn't been there before whereas the kids had been with the school. It was actually quite good considering I really didn't have high expectations.

The highlight I have to admit was watching the kids on the pony rides. At first Oliver didn't want a ride, but as we got closer he changed his mind which I was glad about and doing so he went first.

Then Christian who I just didn't think would go anywhere near the horse (to be honest Shetland Pony) but he seemed to enjoy it.

Alex giggled all the way through her ride and I have promised now to take her horse riding at a proper horse farm! Now that's going to be interesting!!

After dropping Christian back of at his home, it was time for our next adventure for the day. Our last adventure for the school holidays. We had pre-organized tickets for Gold Glass to see Julie and Julia, and decided that we would have dinner out just to make a night of it. Dinner was at Hog's Breath Cafe, which we all enjoyed and I have to be honest and say that I did eat too much. It was the first time that the kids had been there so it was quite novel to them.

But gee did their eyes light up from the minute we got to the cinema.... Gold Class is such a different experience to the normal cinema's. We ordered our drinks and were then ushered to our seats or should I say arm chairs? It was funny to watch the kids change the positions of their seats, up and down, up and down but they enjoyed the novelty of it all! I thought the movie was great as did Oliver, Noel thought it was good but Alexandria was bored. Julie and Julia is a movie about a food blog writer and a cookbook writer. Julie Powell sets out to cook every recipe from Julia Child's cookbook, Mastering The Art Of French Cooking, whilst at the same time the film showed Julia Child writing her cookbook. Well worth seeing if you are a foodie with a cooking blog like me. At time I could see the looks on my family's faces and knew all to well that they were thinking "that's exactly what mam is like or does at home".... lol it was funny!

Although school holidays are over I must say that my beloved weekly "routine" is back to normal or well it is at least for the next 10 weeks when school holidays starts all again!

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