Monday, October 26, 2009

Sean's Birthday....

It was Sean's birthday on Saturday but we didn't get together until Sunday to celebrate. We all met at the Chelsea Height's Hotel, which is quite nice and we have been there before. Not a bad meal and I am once again guilty of picking the wrong meal.... weightloss wise but hey we only live once! LOL!! What an excuse that is!!

Sean and Vicky have just got a new barbecue so it was only fitting to buy a bbq cookbook, hinting that the lobster tails on page 105 would be lovely next time we went to visit.

Noel and Sean sat together and chatted, or should I say stirred each other up all the way through lunch. It's good to see them comfortable and relaxed with each other.

Christian is growing as is Vicky's belly - she is quite large now but still has 3 - 4 weeks to go. And she is glowing.

As usual it was a wonderful afternoon spending time with family and yes, it does make me wonder about my life and what it would be like should things had been different. But hey, such is life!

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