Friday, October 30, 2009

Melbourne Cup Long Weekend

Yes us lucky people who live in Melbourne get a public holiday on Tuesday for the "Race that stops the nation" ~ The Melbourne Cup. It is always on the first Tuesday of November. While the public holiday is the Tuesday most companies are shut on the Monday also... generating an extra long weekend. Noel has an RDO and while I can work I the Monday I have elected to have an annual leave day and spend time with the crew. Sadly though this year, the kids will go to school on Monday (which has never happened in the histoy of the Murray's attending Kananook as the school has normally elected to have a ciriculum day). Unless of course we decided they too can have the long weekend. I will work Saturday morning as usual but that's only until 12.30pm.

It's hard rubbish time in our area (where you get to put old unwanted items on your nature strip and the council comes, collects it and takes it to the tip for you at no cost). So most of this weekend will be focussed on cleaning/sorting through the garage and house turfing things that we no longer use or need that's not good enough for the upcoming garage sale we are planning to have. We threw out a lot of stuff last year so there shouldn't be too much but I am sure we will find enough to pile high outside.

Saturday afternoon we are off to a BBQ. It's Erica's 30th birthday so it should be a nice get together and local for us! We haven't seen anyone for awhile so it will be great to catch up and have a drink together. I have had my usual Crunchy Asian Salad requested and I might just take some spooky treats for the kids as well...

Other than that no major plans for the long weekend except, as mentioned, the sorting and turfing of our humble abode plus a flutter or two on the nags on Tuesday!

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