Sunday, October 11, 2009

An afternoon with family....

I have to admit I am sitting here one content little Aunty having spent the afternoon with my nephews..... I love them to bits but given the circumstances with my sister I have to be patient and see them only when my brother in law agrees. As he only gets them every second weekend it definitely is his "quality" time with them and I don't want to impose too much. It's very strange how much closer we have all become since my sister seperated from him but I truly admire him for letting the children see each other ~ let's face it if he didn't then my kids would not see their cousins!! Prior to the seperation, we hardly saw them so we have already missed out on so much!
Kyle, Alex, Stuart and Oliver




Oliver and Kyle


As you can see we had a bbq lunch and the beef skewers were a hit! Bathurst was on but I spent most of my time watching the kids playing together. Jamie also painted our laundry ceiling for us as it was peeling due to the heat of the dryer.

Families definitely work in strange ways ~ some ways people just don't understand. But it is wonderful that we can have Jamie and the boys over for lunch even though, sadly, my sister wasn't included. I guess it all depends who puts in the effort to keep families together and in this case it's obviously not my sister!!

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Clare Murray said...

looks like you had a great day. I'm glad...petty your sister hasn't made more of an effort. You all look great!


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