Monday, October 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I cannot believe that it's Monday again and we are facing another week of routine. The weekend came and went so fast it is actually ridiculous and the fact that Christmas is only 67 days away!!! OMG I need to pull my finger out and get organised.

Saturday night I finally found the recipe for a low fat hollandaise that I have been trying to find for about 2 years now.... funny how you get something in your head and it stays there! Needless to say I had to experiement with it on Saturday night!! For dinner we had a nice peice of steak with some prawns, normally listed on Australian menu's as "Surf and Turf " plus a serve of the hollandaise on the side... this was the start of the food fest!!

Lunch on Sunday was the grand finale. We took mam and dad to the Lynbrook Hotel. A new hotel which was somewhat local. It has only been open for just over 2 months and came highly recommended to us. Although it was a normal hotel with pokies and a sports bar as well as accommodation, the bistro had a different appeal as the only food served was by way of an International Buffet. No A La Carte Menu to be found. Overall opinion - magnificent and if you live local you should definitley give it a try. Price wise it was perfect and the food well ~ let's just say we were all very full when we left and happy!

Needless to say weigh in tonight should be interesting!! LOL!!

So with it being Monday that brings us to menu planning for the week.....

Sat ~ Surf and Turf, low fat Hollandiase
Sun ~ Lynbrook Hotel (although for lunch)
Mon ~ Pastitsio and salad
Tue ~ Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce
Thu ~ Chicken Jelfrezi with steamed rice
Fri ~ Grilled Rockling with Asian Slaw

As usual more great menu ideas can be found at Menu Plan Monday on I'm An Organising Junkie and all recipes (in time) can be found over a A Dash Of Flavour.... Just click on the links for each meal when they appear or just click here.

Happy cooking.....


KentuckyGal said...

Are you taking reservations for Tuesday? ;) YUMMY!

Rona's Home Page said...

Sounds like you had a terrific visit.
Looks like your family is going to have some delicious meals!


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