Monday, September 28, 2009

Another quick weekend....

Well another weekend over and it was a quiet yet full, if that makes sense.

Friday night saw us out for dinner with the kids and Noel's parents to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary. We went to La Porchetta in Mentone, which I have to admit wasn't the most brilliant meal we have had, considering we don't mind La Porchetta (the Frankston one is better!!) It was good spending the evening together and catching up. Not only had we not seen the kids for the whole week but we hadn't seen mam and dad for awhile either.

Saturday after working only for a few hours, a little shopping on the way home and we settled in to watch the Grand Final. We were meant to go over to a friend's house but Alex complained of being sickand dizzy. She actually slept from around 3 pm until the next morning.

Unfortunately, as far as the football went, it wasn't the year for St Kilda this year and they lost to Geelong. Oliver cried his little heart out when the final siren sounded much to the surprise of Noel and myself. Like all good supporters we were dissappointed but glad that it in fact was a good game.

Sunday, after having a sleep in (which I enjoyed) we decided to take the kids to the cinema. We went and saw G Force in 3D... the kids loved it even if as adults we struggled to concept guinea pigs being secret agents for the FBI! Not to mention the trained cockroaches that carried minature spy cameras into place where normal agents just couldn't go!! LOL!! The kids look really nerdy with their 3D glasses on - it made me giggle.

Unfortunately, the weather was miserable all weekend but we enjoyed our time as a family. The kids are back to their grandparents again today but only for tonight. Home tomorrow evening until Thursday. School holidays are a pain for working parents who need to organise sitters left, right and centre but we make the most of every day we have together the best we can......

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