Thursday, October 15, 2009

Healthy plans....

Well after what really wasn't an argument but more of a pointed discussion about healthy eating all is back to normal in the Murray household. As I have struggled with my weight since as long as I can remember (and now Noel is too) I just wish and hope that Alex doesn't end up experiencing the same things that I have over the years. So I have made the conscious decision to take the lead and promote healthier eating at home.

Saying this I have rejoined Weight Watchers to help me on my weightloss journey and hoping to lead by example. So far a loss of 5.1kgs. (And I am quite happy with that!)

Last night's dinner was great - a Vietnamese noodle dish which actually surprised me as to it's outcome. Low fat in fact no fat used at all in the cooking and filling and so full of flavour. If you want to treat you and your family to something different then gives this a go. It's called Chicken Pho and it is a dish that will definitely get cooked again. Everyone liked the fact that it was a basic noodle broth to which you could add your own extra herbs, vegetables and sauces to create your own signature dish.

As you can probably tell I was quite excited by this dish. I get excited about cooking anything especially for the first time. But what I love more than cooking itself, is when the kids get involved, and they did last night. Oliver cooked the spices until fragrant, measured all the ingredients out for the stock while Alex helped with getting the vegetables ready.

When we all work together on something it makes the outcome even more special ~ no matter what the project is!

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