Saturday, December 12, 2009

Still TOO much to do,.......

It's that time of the year when there is definitely TOO much to do and I honestly believe that the clock ticks faster! LOL if only we could slow down the ticking!

This morning brought another sickie in our house, Alex was sick from the early hours of this morning. She actually came home from school with a graze, bump and bruise next to her left ey from falling over at school (and no the school didn't inform us she had had an accident). It is rather large and of course, we were both concerned incase she infact may have a mild concusion. Whether it's from the bump or the bug that's going around at the moment hopefully this will pass quickly, like it did with the other two, mind you she was still reaching this morning as I abandoned her and left for work.... I left her with Noel but as a mam I felt awful leaving her!!

Alex and I had a great night together last night. She came with me to get my nails done and I thought she would of had her nails painted but wasn't interested. Then we went shopping for some Christmas presents (we managed to buy a few but there are still more to buy) and also bought this wees groceries to save us going today. Princess is turning into a real girl, wanting to look in clothes shops and try things on. It's quite eye opening watching the change in her, not to mention scary as I am definitely no girly girl myself!!

Once again, we couldn't walk past Santa. We had to stop and pay him a visit... seriously this girl is a Santa Stalker!!! I think every Santa in Frankston now knows she wants an ALIVE bunny rabbit for Christmas!!

(can you see the bump? My poor Princess!!)

Today Nazz and Steve move house. I don't envy the big job they have ahead but they have plenty of helpers, I have been assured. I popped into the new house last night and it's really nice (honestly I have a touch of the green eyed monster happening). It's around the corner so walking distance for wines and get togethers!! Love the fact that's what we thought of first!! Then how the kids can play together of course!! I felt bad that with working this morning I couldn't really do much to help so I offered (and Nazz accepted) to make a curry for the adults and a spaghetti bolognaise for the kids for dinner tonight to save her worrying about dinner. I am sure they will be exhausted and at least they can look forward to a good dinner after a huge day! Well I hope so anyways!!

I have to say I am getting a little excited about Sunday. Why? Sunday we put up our Christmas decorations, especially the Christmas Tree and hopefully the house will be filled with some Christmas spirit!

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