Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas.. sorry I am late!

Although I am a little late - I just would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

We have had a great Christmas, Mam is here with us and we have had many celebrations with family and friends so far.

Santa definitely came to our house with children young and old being spoiled this year, especially me!! Noel brought me a new blender, mam brought me a slow cooker (an 8 litre), Noel and I brought each other a new Weber style bbq, which we are looking forward to using. With the exception of "Christmas" the black mini lop bunny and "Rocket" the guinea pig who are new additions to the family the list of what presents the kids got would go on forever!!

For the first time in a long long time Christmas Day wasn't being held here, we went off to Noel's parents and had lunch with all of Noel's family. It was a nice day and we stayed there overnight so we all relaxed and had a good time. Unfortunately Mam M didn't feel too good with a little stomach bug which put a little damper on the day.

For supper that evening we had a seafood platter, which we brought. Mam and Dad did Christmas day and we supplied the seafood for supper. It was full of prawns, trout, smoked salmon and oysters, a little salad, avocado and lemon wedges and home made cocktail sauce. Looks great hey?
Boxing Day we came home, Clare in tow also. She wanted to stay with us for a few days before returning to Sydney. She normally does and we all have a scream of a time. It's always great catching up with her. She did a jigsaw with Alex, which I know Alex enjoyed having all of Aunty Clare's attention for a little while.

Saturday, Jamie and the boys came over for a bbq lunch and we caught up with Christmas presents etc. It was good to see the boys over Christmas - to be perfectly honest I cannot remember when we saw them over Christmas last so it was great to see their faces as they unwrapped their presents.

Tonight we are off to Jamie's 40th birthday party. Strange really as this is the first time we have see Jamie's family since the separtion, so it could be a very interesting night especially as far as conversation goes!! I guess the strange thing is the we will all be there and my Claire won't!

Lastly it's New Year's Eve on Thursday night and we are having a party here at home. We did last year and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with our family and friends..... then I guess it's a new beginning on Friday with the start of 2010.

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