Friday, December 11, 2009

OH what a week!

What a week this has been.......

As you know we returned from our pre Christmas Stress Break on Monday. Bright was beautiful and I am sure we will definitely go back there at some stage... hopefully not when the "Tour de Bright" is on... too much lycra and bums in the way of the view for my liking!! LOL!!

Tuesday, Oliver had his Orientation Day at his new high school, McClelland College which he enjoyed thoroughly. Alex and Noel also went to investigate Ballam Park Primary school as an option for her next year. Alex loved the school and wants to go there next year. In fact she eagerly wants to so that's a good thing right? I hope this school isn't as clicky or bitchy as Kananook Primary School.

As for me, Tuesday brought another day of sickness. Not liking this and will probably require some tests as it cannot just be a 24 hour virus everytime. The worst part about it is that it is random - it's not daily or weekly or monthly. Just when ever it feels like it. I went to the doctors Tuesday after work, but it was just classed as a virus and to go back if it happens again soon.

Normality somewhat returned Wednesday. I felt better thankfully so work and school for us all. Wednesday night we all made Picau Ar Y Maen ~ Welsh Cakes for Oliver to take to school on Thursday for his World Tour Class Party. Must say it was fun doing some baking mid week as that normally doesn't happen at all.

Blogging about the Welsh Cakes on A Dash Of Flavour I realised that we had reached our 200th blog which was a surprise as I cannot believe we did but it was a great feeling of success and achievement. We are having a cookbook giveaway, so pop over and have a look, click here. Everyone is welcome to enter.

Last night was another night not only to remember but to put away in the archives not to be discussed again. Picking the kids up from school I was greeted with a boy, who apparently ate too much food and had been sick.... yuk!! I don't do my sick very well let alone anyone else's - yes I am a bad mam! We were just about home, front wheels in the driveway and he threw up again in my car!! Needless to say, after he finished reaching into the flower bed (of all places) I made him strip down in the driveway, get into a warm shower and stay there! In the meantime I cleaned out the car, bucketed the driveway down with disinfectant and hot water, locate a bucket for the boy, clear a space around his bed for towel and bucket all while dry reaching myself. Alex watched on in amazement or horror (which-ever) from her prime seat at the dining table.

Noel came home and he too was sick but unlike Oliver he had the 24 hour gastro bug for sure. He got out of his car and was sick all over the garden as well. The neighbours must have thought I had poisoned them all.... lol!! By this time I was running late to get Alex to the Christmas Concert at the school and was pulling out of the driveway with Noel still imitating the Exorsist in our front yard. Just at that time Sharon and Tom arrived, I felt bad but explained the happenings on the Murray household and hopefully she understood as I took off like a mad woman to get Princess to her concert in time.

As for today - well like I mentioned most of the day was spent anxiously awaiting the phonecall. I was so tempted to ring Noel every hour but firstly I knew he would not appreciate it at all and secondly he promised to ring as soon as something had happened. When he finally did call the news was mixed. Thankfully Noel has kept his job but for 4 of his mates they were not so lucky!!
What an end to a week.......

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