Friday, December 11, 2009


For the last couple of weeks Noel and I have known about the looming redundancies at his work. 25 people are to be made redundant and the company was accepting volunteer redundancy applications up until last week. The catch being that management had to power to accept or decline depending on the individual... so not really volunteer but it did give some people the option to take a package, I guess.

Today, however, is the day that the final decision will be made on just who those 25 people are, who knows Noel just may be one of the ones of the list. I hope not but I guess worse things could happen.

Nice action really on behalf of his company, one week before breaking up for Christmas and not really a great prosperous way to bring in the New Year! Strange as the company itself has got through the economic crisis here, production has increased and they have been working overtime for weeks now but I guess the upcoming work and their future outlook isn't that promising. Who know's the really reason - when it comes to business it's all about the dollars and bottom figure on the profit and loss statement - not the livlihood or the families of employees who are loyal to the company, those who have worked for the same company for years, those that make an effort. No that doesn't come into it for even one second!!

Needless to say I am sitting here eagerly waiting a phone call from Noel ~ whether it be good or bad news I just need to know! To be honest I am getting more anxious by the minute.

I really wish I was more patient......

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