Monday, December 21, 2009

It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas....

Not too many days left now before the jolly fat man in the red suit comes to visit all the good little girls and boys..... and boy are my two kids getting excited.

Mam arrived safely on Friday afternoon and as usual it's great to see her! The kids came to the bus stop to pick her up and I love seeing her face when she gets of the bus and looks at the children, assessing how both of them have grown and changed since last time.

Saturday Mam came to work with me, yes she arrived just in time for my work breakup and as in Harkaway tradition we had a spit roast and some salads on site. Not an overly exciting breakup but hey, that's what was organised, it was free so no complaining should be done!

Jamie brought the boys over for dinner on Saturday night and for Grandma's all important catch up with the boys.... she was really pleased to see them. Although, in true kid fashion, they played together most of the night and didn't really bother with any of the adults, I am sure she had fun and was grateful to see them considering what has happened this year.
Yesterday, we went shopping and I can proudly say we are almost done with the Christmas shopping. Most presents are wrapped also which is a fantastic thing with only a few more that we brought on Sunday to go. So I have gone from being VERY disorganised to almost on top of it!! Woohoo!! We also went out for dinner to Quality Wok, in Frankston, Mam's treat - so once again no complaints!!

Noel took Mam to the doctors today as she needed to get a Victorian referal to MIA (Melbourne Imaging Association) as she needs to have an ultrasound on her liver. I am quite concerned with this and I am praying that it's nothing serious........ she is having the ultrasound in the morning and should be able to access the results on Thursday.

I am off to Weight Watchers tonight so it should be interesting what the recent food fest I attended shows up on the scales!!! Oh well it is the silly season..... lol!!!

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Clare Murray said...

I hope Bib's alright. See ya soon :-)


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