Monday, December 22, 2008

Was my weekend better than Christmas? Nearly!!

I had such a wonderful weekend that it was nearly better than Christmas itself.

After picking Mam up from outside my sister's house (I didn't want to go inside so that was my choice) we went home where the kids just greeted Grandma with cuddles and excited chatter. It was wonderful to see all three faces beaming with love and joy. I quickly showed Mam around our new house as this was her first visit since the move, kindly asking her to put her blinkers on as it was quite a mess!! Not that she was bothered but I did explain that I wasn't expecting her and she understood.

Sharon was already at our house as we we had planned to go shopping. So quickly Mam and I got ready and off the 3 ladies went to battle Frankston. Surprisingly there wasn't really a battle. In actual fact we have found the shops quiet all weekend.

Mam came to work with me on Saturday morning, which for some strange reason she enjoys. I enjoy her company too, selfishly it's just the two of us and we can chat, etc. Saturday morning's mission was to wrap the presents we had already purchased to save one job on Christmas eve. That accomplished (thanks to Mam - you are a trooper!! MWAH!!) we closed the weighbridge and went down to the office where we were having my work breakup. There was a pig on a spit (a full pig) and it looked too good to eat. Mam was in awe of it and must say it tasted damn good as well. It was quite a casual affair but enjoyable to say the least.

More shopping on the way home but then we finally made it home much to Mam's delight. Neither of us like shopping (except for food shopping of course). Aimlessly wandering from shop to shop is not my idea of fun but at this time of year it's very hard not to do just that. Looking here and there for presents to jump of the shelf and say "pick me, pick me"!! However I did manage to pick up one layby.

Saturday night was special for Oliver as his mate, Kypton, from school rang in the afternoon to see if Oliver wanted to go for a sleepover. OF COURSE HE DID!! So it was just us and Alex. She adores Grandma and they sat watching the Christmas Carols together, we had all the candles/tealights lit around the loungeroom making it look special.

Another quick trip to the shops Sunday morning this time for the groceries. Then we had a bbq brunch before setting off on the next mission for the weekend. The mission, which we didn't have an option of accepting, it just had to be done was to tidy the patio area and decorate it for Christmas. Every year I do a different Christmas theme (everyone always comes to us for Christmas day). This year I had chosen the colours of red, silver and white and I had a vision in my head, that I had to describe to Noel and Mam, which didn't really describe my vision if you know what I mean. So I put all the tinsel and bags of ornaments on the table and asked for their help. We put up tinsel around the area where we will eat and then hung snowflakes and fairies everywhere. God it looks ace, it's perfect (even if I say so myself) it's the best we have ever done and will definately take some beating next year! According to Mam, my face said it all!! So did hers.... Thank you Noel and Mam, it wouldn't look this special without your input and help!!

(I will take photo's and post them here soon. I can't just yet as I need to surprise a few people who are coming for Christmas day.....and they read my blog!)

Last night all of us went out for Chinese with Mam and Dad meeting us there. It was great to see all three of our parents chatting away. I am so glad that since the day Noel and I met both families have gotten on really well. It was like watching long lost friends catching up last night. As usual the meal was great with all plates being devoured. The kids are staying at Nana and Grandad's now until Tuesday night so they went home with them. Mam, Noel and I came home and had a few drinks sitting under our newly decorated patio listening to some music. It was a relaxing yet brilliant way to finish off the weekend.

Finally it is Monday again and sadly I had to drop Mam back at Claire's. But it's only until Tuesday when I pick her up again after work and the doctors! I sent my nephew's Christmas presents off with Mam this morning. I would have dearly loved to give them to the boys myself, to see their faces and hopefully enjoyment from the gift but unfortunately it's not going to happen this year.

(Maybe things will change in the future but I can't sit around and wait. I need to get on with my life and that's what I intend to do. Hopefully this will be the last time that I mention this issue because the more I think about it the more it hurts and consumes me. I bet it's not bothering Claire one little bit. So that's it... no more!!)

As I mentioned I had such a wonderful weekend - I couldn't of wished for a better few days with mam and my family. I cannot wait for Christmas Day when we are all together again... thirteen of us blessing the table this year. Of course there is Noel, Oliver, Alex and me, the three grandparents, Grandma, Nana and Grandad, Clare (who flies in from Sydney on Christmas Eve), Sean, Vicky and Christian, Sharon and Tom. Hopefully Christmas 2009 will be a day that we all enjoy and remember!

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