Tuesday, December 09, 2008

December is becoming a blur.....

December is becoming a blur… no faster am I doing things, getting organised and prepared than they are getting done or happening and then that’s them over, mostly with no evidence of the effort put into them.

Plus on the down side I am still quite consumed with my sister and our issues, she hasn’t made contact with me and to be totally honest I actually expect that she won’t. As I said the other day I just need to move on, accept was has happened and don’t hold my breath of a miracle happening in the near future!

However, I finally got time to sit down and send a quick email to Nea, in New Zealand. She probably thinks that I had disappeared into a crack somewhere but as I did try to explain to her it’s just that at the moment we have been so, so busy. I felt so bad for not writing to her sooner! Sorry, Nea!!

Speaking of time (or lack of) I have been that overwhelmed that I haven’t even written my Christmas Cards – in fact I haven’t even thought of doing them. Might have to send out “Happy New Year” cards – lol!! So sorry to any of you out there reading this…..

This week sees me back at the doctor’s tomorrow night for my fortnightly BP check-up! Alexandria also has an appointment for a little bit of day surgery (having a wart removed from the back of her neck – it’s in her hair line and bothers her quite a lot). Cross fingers that she won’t scream the doctor’s surgery down like she did when we got her cast removed from her leg!

Thursday night is the school’s Christmas Concert at 7pm. Should be an interesting evening, it normally is. The school go to quite some effort. This year, if the weather remains nice, the concert will take place in the Sherlock Courtyard and not in the stuffy hall! Each class sings 2 – 3 songs, there are raffles for Christmas Hampers and of course, Santa comes and brings all the kids a bag of lollies and an icypole. Nana and Grandad attend every year also, which makes the kids feel so special and of course, excited.

Saturday is our special day. The 13th of December is the day our family always puts up the Christmas tree … signalling the 12 days of Christmas. (We take it down on the 6th January – another 12 days). Just the mere thought of putting up the Christmas Tree makes me feel that Christmas is officially on its way.

To be honest I don’t really get that excited about Christmas when the decorations first appear in the shops as all the special holidays (Christmas and Easter especially) are becoming too commercialised not to mention too early but when Noel puts all the lights up outside, we start baking and menu planning Christmas lunch, organising special presents, etc - it all just seems to bring that inner feeling of excitement – you know that feeling you get when you are a kid and something exciting is about to happen?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights so far we have not a thing firmly planned except of course for the usual grocery shopping and at some stage I must pull my finger out and get some Christmas Present shopping done. Thankfully the majority of it is already on layby but then there are quite of few of the “little” things still to organise. (At the moment it just all seems never ending).

There are Christmas Carols up at Casey Fields on Saturday night, which I wouldn’t mind attending (they even have fireworks) but would much prefer to go to a Carols in Frankston but I haven’t seen any advertised – must keep looking. Will have to check with Alison if she knows of any happening locally.

Mind you saying that we have nothing planned doesn’t mean that they are our final plans for the weekend (everyone who knows us is witness to our “spur of the moment” planning hehehe) - there are so many people we need/want to catch up with before the whirlwind of Christmas consumes us completely, and I am trying to plan it so we do catch up with them even if it’s only for a quick drink.

Better go as I said, lots to do…..

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