Friday, December 12, 2008

2008 Christmas Concert!!


WOW!! The Christmas Concert at the school was ace this year. This year the concert was held outside, the school decided to use it's new grassed (synthetic) courtyard and it was such a better atmosphere being outside with a breeze instead of being all crammed into the stuffy hall. Great move on the school's behalf.

Every year each class gets up and sings 2 or 3 Christmas Carols each. Then Sants pays the school a visit giving all the kids an icypole and a little bag of lollies. It's bedlam normally at some parts of the evening but tonight it just seemed to go off so smoothly.

As I just mentioned the atmosphere was great. It didn't matter how loud the kids sang their carols as it didn't echo off the walls this year and everyone attending just seemed so much more relaxed. It was fantastic to see all the kids dressed up in their "christmas" outfits. There were Santa's, elves, rudolphs, red dresses, green shirts, tinsel aglore and even "rocker" angels!!

I must admit Alex is right at home on the stage.. maybe it's something worth looking into. She puts her whole heart into the songs, not only with the words but with the actions too. (Do I sound bias? I think so!! LOL!!)

Mam and Dad came to witness the festivities and as per usual some of the acts guaranteed a laugh. I love the way the littlee's know the chorus and sing it out at the top of their lungs only to mumble the verses.... and the funny little moves that they do up on stage. Their innocence is magic and as said, sometimes oh so funny.

Oliver was on stage for two songs with his class but sadly there was mainly only the grade 5's as the grade 6's didn't have to do it. I think that was a shame especially with them being in the last year of primary school. I understand that they are growing up and it's probably not "too cool" but afterall it's Christmas and I think it is such a special thing for all the kids to do. The 5/6's weren't as organised as some of the others but they did well! Oliver got into though which I suppose is the main thing. Got to love the baggy shirt and pants look - he had to be fashionable!!

Strangely the concert seemed to go quite quick this year but as I said it was more organised than previous years. I am glad it wasn't such a late night as the kids are so tired now that the school year is coming to a close - it's hard enough to get them up in the morning as it is......


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