Thursday, December 18, 2008

Grandma arrives today.....

Cannot believe it's the 18th of December already. I just knew December was going to fly by and it has....
My mam arrives today from Brisbane. It seems like only yesterday I found out that my uncle had purchased her fares for her as her Christmas present many weeks ago and he was still in Wales then. He's up at her place now but not coming to Melbourne for Christmas. He has made many friends up on the island so that's where he prefers to be.
I am excited that Mam is arriving today. It has been too long since I saw her and I can't wait to have one of those mother/daughter hugs that are so special and it doesn't really matter how old you are!
Although I am excited, I am also sad. The reason I am sad is I am not sure when I will see my mam. As it's a Thursday today she will go straight to Claire's. That's the deal we all have when she visits. During the week, when we are working she stays at Claire's as Claire doesn't work. Then she comes to us on the weekends, normally on the Friday night and then goes back to Claire's on the Monday morning. This time I am not sure whether we will see Mam on Friday night. As Mam is spending Christmas with me and my family I actually suggested to Mam that she maybe stay with Claire over the weekend so she has some family time with them.
Plus there is the small fact that Claire and I still haven't spoken since I told her that I wasn't going to pretend to be happy families anymore. In fact, she hasn't acknowledged the SMS I sent after the last phone call. This is my text that I sent to her on 5/12/08:

"Forgot to ask when we were talking today - why? Why don't you want to associate with me or my family except for when Mam is here? Why don't you want to spend anytime with us? I suppose the overall question is - what have I done? Tell me please! Don't want to continue the way we have been. Would really like to resolve this and move on as a normal family - not a "special occassion" family. I really hope you will contact me soon but it's up to you now!"

Not too harsh I hope, just something I needed to do. The text, I suppose, was a condensed version of the letter that I sent her back in September by registered post that she didn't bother to collect from the post office and it was returned to me!!
Needless to say - I have heard nothing. I have had no reply. I am obviously not worthy of any form of explanation or even acknowledgement. I one sense, it confirmed everything.
Oh well, although it's eating me up inside I must not let it ruin Christmas for my family... so back to thinking happy thoughts!


Clare Murray said...

It was so great to talk to you last night. Maybe your sister will surprise you and ring you on Christmas Day, I have my fingers crossed for you......I'll always be a sister to you Jo even though we have had some ups and downs. I guess that's what happens with sisters like it has done with my brothers. Can't wait to see you soon (It's gonna be a great Christmas Day). Just between you and me and 'blog world' I can't wait to give everyone a hug. Luv Clare

Trish said...

Hi Jo

I understand your situation, as this has been the same with my sister since May 2008. Although she has advised me her list of petty issues of what I had done. I too apologised, but the situation remains the same.

A good friend told me that this is her issue not mine and I would like to pass advise onto you. Repeating "it is her issue - not mine" helps - espically when it drags you down.



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