Friday, December 19, 2008

The feelings of a Friday especially this Friday...

Okay so work is nearly over for the day.. have to kill 15 minutes and look busy! So no better time to post an update for the weekend.

Feeling rather emotional most of this morning - due to the fact that I am longing for that mother/daughter hug, drained from a week of Noel doing night shift and then there is that always nagging problem of my sister in the back of my head. Why can't I shift my thoughts? hhhmmm seriously need to work on that but then that would involve thinking about it....

Anyway this morning after speaking with Mam I have resigned myself to the fact that we wouldn't be seeing her until Tuesday evening. She had decided the right thing to do would be to spend time with Claire and her family. Heartbreaking as it was, I had to accept this fact considering big mouth here actually planted that thought seed the other day as a nice guesture only to ponder whether if the situation was reversed if Claire would have the same care factor as me... definately not is the answer I came up with!

But then the whole situation changed when my mobile rang and it was Mam. Considering the fact that Claire had made plans that Mam didn't want anything to do with so was ringing to ask if we could scap plan #1 and if she could come over to our house for the weekend? Like as if she had to ask at all!! Needless to say once I finish here at work I will be driving to my sisters, SMILING of course, to pick up Mam and take her to our happy (a little bit messy I must admit to) household.

The kids are going to be really excited to see Grandma again.. they asked about her last night so it will be great to see their faces light up when she walks in the door tonight.

Speaking of tonight we will be off shopping just the girls.... Mam, Sharon and me. So that should be an adventure in itself. Then its work for me in the morning and then my work breakup on site. This year it's a pig on a spit, bbq and salads etc. Afterwards better get to cleaning and decorating our outside area for Christmas day and ensuring everything else is in place for next Thursday.

But the best thing of all this weekend is Mam will now be with us until Monday morning....

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