Thursday, December 11, 2008

A successful trip to the doctors.....

Yesterday both Alex and I had to go to the doctors.

Hooray for the second appointment in a row I was deemed "NORMAL" - correction my BP was.
Yesterday's reading was 130/80 so both the doctor and I were very happy. I don't have another appointment now until the 23rd December!! Frankly that should be interesting because by then I am sure that my BP will be sky high stressing over Christmas lunch (at our house) two days later!! hehehehe Still on the same tablets so I guess I will just have to remain calm and relaxed... HA as if?!?!?!

Alex was having some day surgery - having a wart removed from the back of her neck! She was so nervous that she was giggling and that in itself was very funny. All was good until she had the needed for the local! She screamed and screamed and burst into tears. Once I had her calm and she had no feeling in her neck the rest of the "operation" went really well. Today she is sporting 3 stitches, a large dressing and a huge smile as today she has "show and tell"!!

Tonight is the school concert, so I will be rushing home from work, picking up the kids from school, buying them McDonalds for dinner (yes I promised) and then getting back down the school for around 6.30pm. Noel's working overtime so he will come straight from work. Should be a really interesting night - I know that I am looking forward to it.

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