Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's Tuesday already....

So much has happened, is happening and will happen I don’t really know where to start….

Sharon had her housewarming party on Saturday night. It was great fun and also wonderful to put faces to her friend’s names as we had heard so much about them. I believe the party finished up at 2am but we were long gone due to Oliver’s football the Sunday morning.

Mam has had her birthday (Happy Birthday for the 24th June) and loved her I-Pod that Dad gave her. She was very surprised and impressed with the songs that we programmed on for her. They both seemed to be enjoying there holiday so far and loving the electric blanket that we all bought mam for her birthday. The nights have been cold so it was a brilliant present.

Oliver played well with his football even managing to get a free kick and did some wonderful bumping. Daniel the coach was quite happy with the team’s performance. Alex didn’t go to Auskick so we all went to watch Oliver play. I think he liked the fact that we were all there with him.

I have finally done something with my hair. I got it cut short at the back and the left but have left the fringe and right had side a little longer. I quite like it but it is a little modern and taking awhile to get used to. At least it looks heaps and I mean heaps better than the bob with the “flying nun” side curls.

Parent/teacher interviews went really well last night. Alex is doing okay but needs to refrain from stirring up a couple of the boys in her class (apparently she knows which are the best to target!) and has to learn to take responsibility for her actions. Besides the fact that she is a very dominant child she is working really well and teacher is very happy. Oliver’s teacher too is happy and is glad that he has made some clear improvements since last year (big sigh of relief from Noel and myself). Overall he is doing good and needs to focus on organising himself better and overall achieving a larger amount of work completed.

We received an invitation for my sister, Claire’s, 30th birthday present in the mail yesterday. It is the only contact made since the phone conversation and my card. So don’t know what to really think. Mam is due to arrive next Tuesday and I don’t even know what is happening with that.

Enough rambling (definitely caught up with everything – I hope!)

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