Monday, June 04, 2007

Home safely - but totally shattered!

Finally got home at around 4.30pm after a long boring drive from Diggers Rest via Parkdale to pick up the kids from Mam and Dad. Good to see familiar faces mind you the fact that mam was home led the good behaviour to last only as far as the end of the court!! I thought while I was out I would grab some groceries and be able to get home and relax!!

AS IF!!!!!!!!!

The kids were ratty all through the shops - whinging about this, moaning about that!!
Got through the front door, frustrated and just about to kill 2 children. Unpacked the groceries, the kids bags, my bags and found the wine in the fridge!! Just about to start to relax and then it was "Mam what's for dinner?" aaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh - the joys!!
Sunday busy busy once again with football and auskick but managed to do some cleaning and just about all the clothes washing.
Big star for Alex as she actually cleaned her room when I asked her to plus she did a great job!! Oliver's room managed to stay exactly the same!!

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