Thursday, June 07, 2007

Life is too short!

Last night I received a phone call from one of my fellow workers. It was a phone call that I was waiting for and the content was of an expected sadness. Stuart, a lovely bloke, had been crushed with devastating news Monday that his sister in law was in hospital after collapsing at work. She had been on life support since then and passed away Wednesday afternoon. I have spent many hours thinking about Stuart and his family. It is bad enough to lose a family member or friend due to old age but Stuart’s loved one was only 33. My heart goes out to Stuart, his brother, his nephew who is only 5 and of course to their immediate families.

It also got me to thinking geez I am only 36.

I spend far too long dwelling over things that have happened and way to much time stressing about things I have no control over. I have honestly realised that I need to lower my expectations and standards that I put on everything. If I don’t I will end up dying being miserable and disappointed in the life that I did lead.

I am going to contact my sister, Claire. I don’t see her at all, only a chance meeting here and there at the moment unless something is planned and it really hurts me. I don’t understand why we are not close. I use to love going bowling together. We laughed and chatted away. I miss her. I need to tell her that I love her and that I am really proud of all she has achieved. I will endeavour to make peace and try to organise getting together.

My mam knows I love her – I tell her all the time. In fact I can’t wait for her to arrive in Melbourne in June. I am long overdue on a hug. And she deserves one too.

A “BIG” shout out to my sister in law, Clare, in Sydney. She knows I think the world of her and we chat regular. Unfortunately don’t see enough of each other either but certainly make up for it when we do get together.

Mam and Dad (Noel’s parents) have been great to me and I really appreciate their love and support. They are off on holidays in the weekend after next and they will be missed. I hope that they really enjoy their holiday up north. Not sure at this stage what date they are expected back – probably when the cold weather has gone away. Can’t say I blame them really.

My only wish is that the rift in the Murray family could be sorted and unfortunately I cannot do anything to help that – it is all up to Vicky now. We can’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to and at the moment she doesn’t see what here actions are doing. Very soon she will be giving birth to her first child and her whole world is going to change. It will be very sad for Sean that day as I don’t think he will have the support of his family at such a wonderful moment in his life - that’s really horrible to say but the reality is that it is because of the situation we are all in at the present…….

Don’t know where this whole situation is going to go but I do know…..


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